Condition to Return/Exchange/Refund:

Products still remain in the original state in the video (the video before shipping).

Products are unused.

Lian Hair Vietnam will not accept Return/Exchange/Refund due to some cases:

  1. Customer did used, damaged, cutting, dyed, washed the product in some ways before let us know the product status.
  2. Customer wants to change the textures, the quality, the colors, pattern without any notice to us.
  3. Customer doesn’t follow the instructions properly, causing damage to the goods.
  4. Customer changes the minds, disagree with the commitment we made before purchasing products.

Want to get the hair soon and simply doesn’t want to wait anymore because our products might take long time to make and send to customer (normally 7-10 days).

Shipping fee if customers want to return/exchange:

When the merchandise has faults such as wrong types or manufacturer’s errors, the shipping cost will be provided by Lian Hair Vietnam.

When the problems result from the customers, the responsibility for the shipping fee belongs to the customers.


Only when the products meet Lian Hair Vietnam’s conditions, can the customers receive refunds on Paypal or Bank accounts.